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About your Health & Fitness Age

Health and Fitness Age CalculatorYou know how old you are, right? You probably know what your weight is. But does it tell you what kind of shape you really are in?

The reality is that right now two thirds of Queenslanders aren’t in very good shape at all. And there are even more of us on the cusp.

The Health & Fitness Age calculator is a fun way to see what kind of shape you’re really in – and how lifestyle factors may affect your health and fitness in the future. Give it a go. You might be surprised by the result. And no matter how you go, there are lots of easy ways to improve your Health & Fitness Age every day. You’ll find a lot of them right here on this website.

Please note: The Health & Fitness Age test is designed to give you an overall idea of your health and weight, and a general indication of how lifestyle related factors may affect it. The test will also give you a general indication of whether there’s more you can do to improve. This test is not intended to be a medical diagnostic, nor a substitute for professional medical advice.

Calculate your Health & Fitness Age