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Welcome to the Healthier. Happier. fitness workout series.

The aim of these workouts is to get you more active and to lower your Health & Fitness Age. They have been created by an accredited exercise physiologist, and have the right balance of cardiovascular and resistance training.

While you might not feel like you’re in the perfect shape – please remember that very few of us really are. Rest assured, there are exercises here to get you started and keep you moving with a choice of three workout videos and five mini workout videos, to help you exercise anywhere – and fit exercise into your day.

If you are active, aim to complete a workout on alternating days two or three times a week. On other days try some other exercises like walking, swimming, dancing or jogging.

You don’t need to push yourself to the limit to get the benefits of exercise, either. If you feel pain, or unwell, stop what you’re doing, or take it easier. If you feel really unwell – seek medical advice.

Remember to warm up with five minutes of light activity like walking, jogging on the spot and shoulder rolls.

Before you begin, check out our introduction video for tips.

Introduction to workout videos


There are three workouts to choose from: Beginner, Low-Intensity and Moderate intensity. Each takes you through basic cardio, upper body exercises, lower body exercises and abdominal work.

If you’re new to exercise, start with the Beginner workout. Try for 10 repetitions of each exercise (unless specified otherwise). If this is too hard, then do as many as you feel comfortable with and work your way up. By doing them regularly (two to three times a week) you’ll increase your strength, flexibility and fitness.

15-minute workout
Perform the circuit of exercises in the video once.

30-minute workout
Perform the circuit of exercises in the video twice.

Warm up, cool down and stretch

Before you get into your workout it’s important to warm up. Just five minutes of light activity is all you need. Things like:

  • Walking
  • Jogging on the spot
  • Pumping your arms
  • Shoulder rolls
  • Controlled punches
  • Circular ‘windmill’ arm movements in the air.

After your workout, cool down by following any of the above activities, again for five minutes. This is also a great time to stretch your muscles holding each stretch for 20-30 seconds. Make sure you hold at a point where you can feel the stretch but you shouldn’t feel discomfort or pain. Don’t bounce through these, just slow steady movements.


Disclaimer: If you have been inactive for a while, have heart disease, or a close relative with heart disease or if you have other major health problems, or are pregnant, please check with your doctor before following these workouts.