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Prawn Avocado Rice Paper Roll 0001
  • 50g packet rice vermicelli noodles
  • 150g snow peas, ends removed
  • 1 large avocado, peeled and stoned.
  • 12 rice paper rounds (22cm)
  • 18 cooked prawns, shelled, deveined and cut in half lengthways
  • 1/3 cup mint leaves
  • 1/3 cup coriander leaves
  • 1 large carrot, peeled and grated
  • 1/3 cup sweet chilli sauce
  1. Place noodles in a heatproof bowl. Cover with boiling water and let stand for 5 minutes. Drain and set aside.
  2. Cook snow peas in a small saucepan of boiling water for 1 minute. Refresh under cold running water and drain well.
  3. Slice snow peas and avocado lengthways into thin strips. Divide filling ingredients evenly.

To make rolls:

  1. Soak the rice paper in warm water until just softened.
  2. Remove from the bowl and place on a plate.
  3. Put 3 prawn halves into the centre of the rice paper. Add a mint leaf, coriander leaf, snow peas, avocado, carrot and noodles.
  4. Fold over rice paper and roll up, pressing edge to seal.
  5. Repeat with remaining ingredients.
  6. Cut rolls in half and serve with sweet chilli sauce.


  • Rice paper rolls can be filled with a variety of fresh vegetables such as bean sprouts, thin strips of capsicum and cucumber.
  • Replace prawns with tuna, salmon or shredded chicken.

Storage Suggestions

  • Cover and store in fridge until serving. Rice paper rolls are best eaten on the same day.

Equipment List

  • heatproof bowl
  • small saucepan
  • chopping board
  • knife
  • serving plates
  • dipper sauce dish


Recipe from LiveLighter® campaign © State of Western Australia [2012] reproduced with permission.

Nutrition Information

346g Quantity per serving Quantity per 100g
Energy 2642kJ 763kJ
Protein 26.8g 7.8g
Fat, total 13.8g 4.0g
— Saturated 2.7g 0.8g
Carbohydrate 96.0g 27.8g
— Sugars 17.5g 5.1g
Fibre 7.4g 2.1g
Sodium 1962mg 567mg