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These lunchboxes are made for primary-aged children. For other ages and appetites simply increase or decrease servings of the main lunchbox item and add in a few more snacks to help silence rumbly tummies!

Please note: Prep time includes making of rolls, cutting/prepping veggies and using pre-prepared dip and cake.

Lunchbox combination

* See recipe for full list of ingredients and preparation.

  1. Pre-prepare carrot, zucchini and date cake, cut into bite sized pieces and place into container.
  2. Pre-prepare beetroot hummus dip and decant 115g into container.
  3. Place capsicum and snow peas in container (to eat with hummus dip).

Prepare mango and BBQ chicken rice paper rolls, place 2 on container.


Pre-preparing can be done the night before, simply keep in the fridge or freezer until ready to serve.

Team lunches with a drink that can easily freeze or keep cold. Some ideas include:

  • A bottle of water.
  • A bottle of water with ice cubes or frozen fruit ice cubes for flavour.
  • Occasionally, add a small flavoured milk or 100% fruit juice.

Some fruit and vegetables are not available all year – check out the seasonal calendar to see what fruit is in season right now and substitute as needed!

Nutrition Information

Quantity per serving Quantity per 100g
Energy 3305.61kJ 610.00kJ
Protein 27.76g 5.12g
Fat, total 11.13g 2.05g
— Saturated 3.16g 0.58g
Carbohydrate 137.16g 25.31g
— Sugars 49.1g 9.06g
Fibre 16.56g 3.06g
Sodium 1452.71mg 268.08mg