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Grape Plum and Berry Water

Water is vital to health and drinking more of it can also help you skip the urge to snack. That’s why we’re sharing five easy ways to add some pep to your H-2-ho-hum with these colourful fixes.

1. Wonderful Watermelon & Berry Water

A refreshing summer favourite with red berries and watermelon sweetness.

2. Cucumber and mint infused water

Muddled mint and smooth cucumber give a green twist to fresh or sparkling water.

3. Citrus spritzer

Make vitamin enriched water by infusing lemons, oranges, grapefruits and other citrus fruits in your glass.

4. Grape, plum and berry bomb

Fresh or frozen berries, plums, grapes and figs enhance water to give a mellow sweetness.

5. Apple & Ginger Water

Fresh ginger and green apple flavour up water for a fresh tantalising taste.