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9 ways to sneak more veggies onto your plate

There’s a bounty of ideas out there for getting more vegetables into your meals that go above and beyond carrot sticks and mash. Scroll down to learn nine new ways to get more vegetables in tasty (yet healthy) snacks and meals.

1. Very veggie fritters

Fritters are the ideal vehicle for vegetables, from crunchy corn to sweet carrot and cleverly hidden within a batter.

2. Mushroom & Tomato Bruschetta

Hijack the traditional tomato bruschetta with some fresh, nutrient-rich mushrooms.

3. Pumpkin Mac and Cheese with bacon

Sweet, creamy pumpkin reduces the need for cheese and bumps up the healthiness of this family favourite.

4. Lamb and veggie kebabs

Nothing makes vegetables taste as good as barbequing them on a stick, nestled between lamb pieces.

5. Sweet Potato Veggie Burgers

Sweet potato is such a good burger binder and you can really get creative with the vegetables you add.

6. Quick Veggie Pizza

Forget rolling your own dough, pita bread makes a thin pan crust that you can top with vegetables, herbs and parmesan.

7. Easy Veggie Frittata

A great vegetable-packed lunch and if you’re short on time, you can add frozen vegetables instead of fresh.

8. Mix & Match Veggie Mash

Break free from standard mash and experiment with a combo of carrots, parsnip, sweet potato and pumpkin.

9. Vegetarian Spring Rolls

Asian-inspired and packed with fresh vegetables, these spring rolls are crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside.