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Two women playing tennis

Activities with friends

We all love catching up with friends, so if you’re trying to increase your activity levels but want to stay social, why not get together with a friend and be active?

Exercising with a buddy makes getting active more fun and social, and that means you’re more likely to stick with it. On top of that, a little good-natured competition can help you both push yourselves. Your exercise bud may even have a few new workout ideas that you hadn’t considered.

Getting fit with a friend doesn’t need to be a heavy workout session though; as long as you’re getting active then you’re getting healthy.

Walks, jogs, runs, hikes, rides, tennis, swimming, and many others!

Any exercise you can do by yourself you can do with a friend, but a friend makes it more fun. Depending on what you’re doing, an experienced friend can help with technique, or if you’re concerned about safety it can make you feel less worried to have a spotter.

Rotate working bees in the garden

If sport isn’t your thing but getting active is, then team up with a few mates and take it in turns to host a working bee to get your yard work done.

Pedometer competition

You don’t need to see your exercise buddy every day for the friendly rivalry to flourish. If you’ve both got pedometers then launch a weekly pedometer competition. Or challenge your friends and workmates to sign up to the 10,000 Steps program. Perhaps the person with the least steps each week buys the coffees on Saturday morning.

Join a local team

Getting back into team sports after a while can be intimidating. Why not join a local team with a mate and make it more fun?

Time for a dance off

Whether it’s at a dance class or just in your living room, dancing for eight songs (or so) is a fun way to add 30 minutes of physical activity into your day. So choose some tunes and get your exercise buddy onto the dance floor.

Kick it with friends

Group get-togethers can often focus on eating and drinking. But if you bring a footy to a barbeque or picnic, you can make your social event more active. If football isn’t your thing, bring a frisbee, cricket bat, or even a bocce set.

Make date night active night

Date night doesn’t need to be dinner out or watching a movie. Get active on your next date by going bowling, playing laser tag or mini golf.