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For many Queenslanders, life may look very different at the moment. You might be working from home, searching for a new job or juggling family and life in new ways.

Building a routine can help restore a sense of control over your daily life. It will also help improve your physical and mental wellbeing. So here are some ways you can build a healthy, happy routine.

Shower and get dressed

Let’s be honest, you feel better about yourself when you haven’t spent all day in your pyjamas. So make sure you have a shower and get dressed every day. Getting yourself ready can improve your state of mind and help you prepare for the day ahead, even if you’re spending the day at home.

Plan it out

Plan your day’s activities, such as cooking and checking in with friends or family. Try to include something that will give you a sense of accomplishment. This could be housework, your paid employment, a DIY project, or more. Also, make sure you include a bit of ‘me time’, such as a hobby, reading, or watching a movie.


Getting enough sleep is crucial to feeling happy and healthy. It is just as important as diet and exercise. Adults should aim for between 7 and 9 hours of sleep each night, with regular wake-up and bed times. It’s also a good idea to prepare yourself for sleep by spending some time winding down and relaxing. Don’t look at your phone, TV or computer for at least 30 minutes before bed as the bright light they emit confuses your body clock and overstimulates the brain. Try reading or listening to music instead.

Regular meal times

Stick to regular meals and avoid snacking all day. Having three nutritious meals a day will help fuel your body and mind. If you have kids at home, try and have meals together at the table and limit distractions like devices and television. Not sure what to cook? Check out our tasty recipes.

Move your body

Make sure you do some physical activity every day. Walk around the block, try a few stretches, or do some cleaning or gardening. For inspiration, check out our fitness guides.

Set boundaries

If you’re working from home, set boundaries to make sure your work time is separate from your personal time. Start and finish work at set times and remember to take regular breaks. If possible, have a dedicated space in your home for working (preferably not in your bedroom, which can interfere with your sleep).

Stay in touch

Healthy relationships are so good for our emotional wellbeing, so if your social routine is different these days, make sure you stay in touch with friends, family or co-workers. Call or use video calls instead of just sending emails or text messages. Real conversations help to boost your spirit and feel less alone.

For kids

If you’ve got kids at home, establish a ‘new normal’ as soon as you can. Regular schedules and familiar rituals provide reassurance and comfort, which can help children respond better to change.

Go alcohol free

If you drink alcohol, set a number of alcohol-free nights each week and only drink on one or two nights (if at all). Limiting alcohol can help you feel better both mentally and physically. Click here for more on alcohol.

Long term project

If you’re struggling with a sense of purpose, set yourself a long-term goal. Whether it’s writing a novel, learning to juggle, or mastering the guitar, we respond well to having something we can work towards one bit at a time.