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Couple cycling in a park

Find a bike path

When you live somewhere as beautiful as Queensland and you want to get moving, there is nothing better than going for a ride. As well as being great for managing your weight, bike riding is really good for your overall health, it’s easy on your joints, uses all your major muscle groups, as well as increasing your stamina, strength and aerobic fitness. On top of all this, the popularity of bike riding makes it a great social sport.

The beauty of cycling is that is can be as energetic as you want to make it: you can roll around your neighbourhood, you can don the lycra for some road riding or you can get extreme with some mountain biking.

Riding also offers a unique opportunity to see some of Queensland’s most beautiful spots up close, so to find a great place to go for a ride follow this link.

Don’t forget: when you’re getting active or trying something new, it might be a good idea to talk to your health professional to ensure what you’re doing is right for you.