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Queensland summers mean a world of delicious produce. So, don’t settle for simple steak and plain chicken skewers at your next BBQ. Explore these quick and easy ingredient combinations to add a fresh new dimension to standard BBQ fare.

Try them together on skewers, or grill separately then combine with leafy greens for fresh, crunchy salads.

Chicken + pineapple + capsicum + tofu
Chicken + mango + chilli + coriander
Steak + capsicum + tomato + haloumi
Mushroom + garlic + rosemary
Cauliflower + yoghurt + tahini
Corn + chilli powder + olive oil
Eggplant + zucchini + olive oil
Potato + dill + reduced fat sour cream
Lean pork sausage + apple + goats cheese
Strawberries + peaches + mint + reduced fat greek yoghurt