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Happy family cycling in a forest

All the fun that you can have at a picnic

Group get-togethers like picnics and barbeques can often focus on eating, drinking and sitting. But if you bring a footy, a frisbee, a soccer ball or even a bocce set then you can up your activity levels and make it a get-active-together.

Another great option is going for a hike, either before or after your meal. You can find some great walking or hiking routes in this beautiful state of ours here or for the adventurous, try kayaking or mountain biking.

Also look for ways to increase your incidental activity. If you’re at the park, push the kids on the swings for a while, take the dog for a walk or even carrying your picnic a little bit further from the car will help add more movement to your day out.

And while getting active is great, don’t forget that if you’re trying to lose weight bringing healthy food to your picnic gives you a massive head start.

To find parks in your area, and to see what activities are available, then follow this link.