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Choosing the right cut of meat will also help you lose the grease, and serve up a BBQ that just tastes fresher. Here’s some simple pointers to help you make the most of your meats.

1. Choose the right meat

    • Lean meats – visible fat removed, less marbling
    • Look for the Health Star Rating – the higher the stars, the better the choice
    • Chicken breast or thigh fillets with the skin removed
    • Choose reduced fat, reduced salt sausages
    • Consider lean alternative options like kangaroo and shellfish
    • Fish is a great choice for the BBQ. Try whole over the grill, in fillets wrapped in aluminium foil or on skewers. Barbecue a lemon alongside to use as a fresh dressing

2. Prepare it right

    • Trim all visible fat before serving
    • Choose smaller cuts, or reduce the portion sizes to cook faster and keep them juicy
    • Remove skin from chicken to reduce fat content by more than 50%

3. Use the magic of marinades

    • Making your own is simple, and means you control the flavour and the kilojoule content
    • To create your own combinations, experiment with garlic, fresh herbs, spices, vinegars, mustards, chutneys, citrus juice and zest, honey, low-sodium soy sauce and a small amount of unsaturated oil like olive or canola

4. Cook it to perfection

    • Always use the grill section of the BBQ to reduce the need for oil and improve presentation
    • Use olive oil, canola or other unsaturated oil
    • If you are using the hot plate rather than the grill section, coat your meat with a light layer of oil before putting it on the heat, rather than pouring it onto the hot plate