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Woman doing a plank position on a yoga mat

Hotel room workout

Whenever you’re away from home, whether it’s for work or fun, you’re also away from many of your healthy routines – walking to the bus, walking the dog, your gym workout or just the regular movement of cleaning the house. When we’re away, we also often eat out regularly and drink more than we should, and all of this can take a toll.

Luckily, we’ve put together a great high-impact hotel room workout that could help you stay active on your next getaway.

Mountain climbers

Unless your holiday is actually climbing a mountain, then the best place to start is with mountain climbers. Start like you’re halfway through a push-up (like a perfectly straight plank) and move your right knee to your left ear, directly under your chest, then return it to the start. Do the opposite with your left knee, and repeat, quickly and continuously, for 20 seconds. Then take a 10 second break and start again. Depending on your fitness, aim for up to eight rounds.

Wall squats

If your hotel has walls, this is a great option (if it doesn’t, you’re probably camping so find a park bench). With your back against the wall, lower yourself into a sitting position with your legs at a 90-degree angle and hold the position. Depending on your fitness levels, try this three times for 30 to 60 seconds.

Tricep dips

First find a safe, sturdy piece of furniture, like a chair or the wooden end of the bed. With your hands palm down on the edge of the bed or chair, lower your body down, dipping close to the floor, then push down to bring your body back up to your starting position. Make sure you slowly dip down, keeping your backside and your back close to the bed or chair. Depending on your fitness, aim for up to three sets of six reps.

Inclined push ups

Again, ensure you’ve got a sturdy bit of furniture to work with, such as a chair or the end of the bed. Put your hands on the chair or bed end and do a push up. Depending on your fitness, aim for three sets of 10 to 12.

Traveller's weight lifting

Standing next to the bed, put your right foot firmly on the floor, then bend your body over, so your left knee and left hand is on the edge of the bed. Lift a piece of hand luggage, bringing it up to your chest and slowly lowering it. Depending on the weight of your luggage and your level of fitness, aim for three sets of 15 reps per arm.


Lay on the ground, facing downwards. Lift yourself up, so that your weight is resting on your elbows and your tippy toes while your back and legs are straight. Stay this way until it becomes uncomfortable, but depending on your fitness level then you should aim for a minute. Rest and repeat up to two to three times.


Start in the standing position, then jump down to a plank position on the ground, with your hands in front of you. Next, lower yourself into a push-up, until your chest touches the ground, then stand up and jump into the air. Depending on your fitness, aim to do this for eight rounds of 20 seconds each.


Don’t forget: when you’re getting active or trying something new, it might be a good idea to talk to your health professional to ensure what you’re doing is right for you.