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Woman dancing in front of TV

Out-of-the-box ways to stay active at home

It’s no secret; a sedentary lifestyle is bad for your body, and can lead to issues such as obesity, type 2 diabetes and affect your mental wellbeing. But the good news is if you’re enjoying yourself, you’re way more likely to stick with exercise. So why not try one of these out-of-the-box ideas and have fun while getting fitter.


Cardioke (cardio + karaoke) is just singing and moving to music. But it is great fun, and it’s the kind of thing you can do on your own. Watch a few online examples, and then give it a go.

Video conferencing dance party

Everyone loves to dance, but if dancing by yourself isn’t your thing, maybe it’s time to bust out some digital dance moves. Dial up some friends, put on some music and throw a few shapes.

Laser tag

Bring your sci-fi fantasies to life and get yourself a laser tag kit. It means an upfront investment, but if is going to get you active, it just might be worth it. You could even split the cost with your housemates.

Bring out your inner child

There’s a bunch of kids’ games that are way more active than you probably realised when you were young, so bring out your inner child and have some fun. You’re only really limited by how silly you feel like getting: leap frog, trampolining, skipping, hoola hooping, hopscotch, the list is virtually endless.


Gardening has so many benefits that you might not even think about. Flexing your green thumb can improve your mental wellbeing, add to your incidental exercise for the day, improve the aesthetics of your home, and you might even score some tasty fruit or veg if you plant the right things. Even if you live in an apartment, why not try some DIY pot plants or a herb garden?

So, armed with these new ideas, it is time to find out just how much fun getting active can be.