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Woman drinking drink

Sweet drinks for the health conscious

There’s no sugar coating it: sugary drinks just aren’t good for you. They are full of kilojoules and offer no nutritional value. In fact, just one can of soft drink can be packed with 10 teaspoons of sugar or more! Not cool. But it’s not just soft drink, many flavoured milks, juices and sports drinks will have just as much, and often come in bigger serving sizes.

A diet high in sugar can lead to obesity, poor dental health, high blood sugar, type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more, so staying away from the soft drink aisle might be the best choice you could make.

But what do you do when you get the urge to have one? Reach for one of these fresh, flavoursome alternatives.


Kombucha is a delicious kind of fermented tea that gives you all the fizziness and sweetness of a soft drink. And there are some great zero sugar kombucha options available. Always check the label though, as there are high sugar options too.

Fruit and veggie smoothies

When you feel like a sweet drink, blend up some fresh fruit and veggies and let the natural sugars in your smoothie satisfy your cravings. As well as all the nutrients from the fruit and veg (you don’t get that from a soft drink), the fibre will make your tum feel satisfied.

Choose to infuse

A few strawberries or a slice of lime can really spice up a glass of sparkling water. Take it up a notch with a hint of ginger or some lemon zest. And don’t forget presentation: a tall glass, some ice and a reusable straw makes this a real treat. Check out some of our ideas here.

Iced coffee

Instead of a flavoured milk, make your own homemade iced coffee. It’s easy to do and you’re in control of what goes in it. So either leave out the sugar, or go with just half a teaspoon.

If you drink alcohol, make it healthy

It goes without saying that when it comes to alcohol less is better, as excessive consumption can be harmful. However, if you’re going to drink in moderation, you may as well try a healthier option.

Enter the Bloody Mary: the tomato juice-based beverage that contains a plethora of nutrients. Another great option is our home-made citrus spritzer (just add a shot of your favourite spirit) – click for the recipe


When you do drink, try and limited yourself to no more than two standard drinks on one occasion and no more than 10 standard drinks in one week.