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Thawing & cooking – do it right, & you'll be alright.

Taking a few extra minutes to cook food thoroughly is one of the best ways to keep your food safe and avoid food poisoning.

It starts with thawing correctly.

So, try to minimise the time you leave your food in the temperature danger zone by defrosting in the fridge or microwave.

When you’ve defrosted, cook immediately.

And be sure to cook all your meals ‘till they’re steaming hot throughout.

Chicken should be cooked ‘til the juices run clear. And, if you can – check its thickest part to see that there’s no pink meat.

Remember, food containing minced meat needs to be cooked all the way through.

Oh, and only reheat food once until it’s steaming hot.

It’s safer to throw it out than to take a risk.

Playing it safe with food only takes a few seconds and it’s always worth it.