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Exercise Physiologist, Katie

Exercise explainers

What should I eat when exercising?

What, when and how much you eat has a big impact on your body. That’s why planning meals around your exercise will enhance your performance and minimise potential discomfort while you’re doing it!

Ideally you should eat a light snack one to two hours before exercise so that the food you consume has time to be digested and absorbed.

Generally, exercising in a fasted state (like first thing in the morning) will result in your body using more fat as a fuel throughout your workout. However, a carbohydrate-based snack before exercise means you can exercise longer and harder. So, overall, you’ll use more energy, which equals more fat loss, if that’s your goal.

My best advice (unless you’re an athlete) is to aim for a well-balanced, nutritious diet with a good proportion of healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates. For more on this, check out our nutrition information.