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Splashy Simon says

Cool off when the heat is on, with pool-time Simon Says!
Simply slip, slop, slap and then dive on in!
Same rules, just more cool.
Simon says, kick as hard as you can, float like a starfish and let the fun begin!
Just be sure to keep a close eye on the kids while they’re in the pool.

How to Play (requires parental supervision)

Step 1
Decide who’s playing Simon. This person issues commands sometimes starting with “Simon says”, sometimes not.

Step 2
Players only follow commands that start with “Simon says”!

Step 3
If you do the command and the command doesn’t start with Simon says – that person is out, keep going until you have one winner. The best listener and winner gets to play the role of Simon for the next game.

Step 4
The fun continues!

Click here for more tips on pool safety.

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