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Kilojoule Calculator

Kilojoule Calculator

How many kilojoules do you need each day?

A kilojoule (like a calorie) is a measure of energy in food. We’re all different, so give this easy calculator a go to find out just how many kilojoules you need each day. It’s a brilliant start to thinking about what you eat and it only takes a moment.
Based on material provided by the National Health and Medical Research Council.
Would you like to reduce your weight by 0.5kg/week?
Bed rest
Bed bound or chair bound
Sedentary work and no strenuous leisure activity (office worker)
Lightly active
Mostly sedentary with little or no strenuous activity (students, lab assistants, drivers)
Moderately active
Moderately active work, predominantly standing or walking (waiter, shop assistant, teacher)
Very active
Heavy activity (tradesperson or high performance athletes)
Extremely active
Significantly active with your occupation, with additional strenuous activity
Your daily energy requirements
Your kJ intake had been reduced by 2000kJ in order to reduce your weight by 0.5kg/week.
Your KJ count is updated!
What does this mean?

1st trimester – no additional requirement
2nd trimester – additional 1,400 kJ/day
3rd trimester– additional 1, 900 kJ/day

Additional 2,000 – 2,100 kJ/day

What does this mean?

This calculation shows you approximately how many kilojoules you need each day to maintain your weight or get closer to your weight goal over a healthy period.

Everyone is different, and this is just a starting point. A good way to tell whether you are consuming the right number of kilojoules is whether you are gaining or losing weight.

The good news is that small changes can make a big difference. You can find more information on exercise and healthy eating on our website.

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