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Phew! You don’t need an exercise or nutrition degree to eat and move healthier. In just a few clicks you can calculate your daily kilojoule needs, your health and fitness age and discover the power of colourful fruit and veggies, by spinning the colour recipe wheel.

Colour recipe wheel

See what colourful fruit & veggies can do for you when you spin the colour recipe wheel and get served up tasty, healthy recipes you can make at home.
Colour recipe wheel

Health & Fitness Age calculator

A fun way to see what kind of shape you’re really in and how lifestyle factors may affect your health and fitness in the future.


Kilojoule calculator

To work out how many kilojoules you need each day, give this easy calculator a go – it only takes a few seconds.

kJ calculator

Meal and exercise planner [181KB]

Having a plan will make your aim for better health more achievable and help to ensure you succeed in making healthier choices. Just keep it simple, make a plan that suits you and go for it.

Weekly meal and exercise planner